Serve with us!

 Our aim is to promote service in the community.  The foundation kicks off every year on August 10th and scholarships are awarded in May or June.  The number of scholarships awarded will be based on the targets set by the administrative board of the Jackie Curtis Barnett, Jr. Memorial Foundation at the beginning of the year.  Based on volunteer hours, there will be at least three scholarships awarded every year: 1) student, 2) church family, 3) organization.  

Who Can Serve with the Foundation?

​ANYONE!!!! Participation is strictly voluntary. Just be sure you complete the volunteer registration form to ensure your membership in the foundation.  Your volunteer hours are counted upon completion and submission of the volunteer log hour sheets to the administrators of the foundation.  All log hour sheets must be signed by your volunteer coordinator for verification prior to submission.

Volunteer Activities

​There will be volunteer activities scheduled through the foundation administration.  There will be both community and school based volunteer opportunities scheduled throughout the year.  The administrators of the Jackie Curtis Barnett, Jr.  Memorial Foundation along with volunteer coordinators will contact all registered members of the foundation to notify them of upcoming volunteer opportunities.  You may also inquire about volunteer activities through our volunteer coordinator at your school, church or organization.


​Scholarships with be awarded based on the total number of volunteer hours logged at the end of the year.  Whichever group/student with the most logged hours will receive the scholarship.

Where Can I Perform Community Service? 

For suggestions on where you can perform community service hours, please contact an administrator of the Jackie Curtis Barnett Memorial Foundation.  Your volunteer coordinator may have suggestions for you as well.  Remember, if you perform community service, be sure you have all documentation completed to ensure you or your group receive credit.

​Document Volunteer Hours 

Registered members of the foundation can receive log sheets from your volunteer coordinator. You can always contact the administrators of the Jackie Curtis Barnett Memorial Foundation and we can direct you to a volunteer coordinator or provide log sheets for you or your organization.  The log sheets must be verified by your volunteer coordinator prior to submission to the administrators of the foundation.  Only hours that have been verified and turned in to the foundation administration will count toward your total hours served. At the end of the year, scholarships will be awarded based on the number of hours logged.